Silent Splendor

Silent Splendor

So you found a chapel where the crystal shadow sleeps
And you heard a laughter where the Christian lion eats
Let go of the mirror where your minion meets the clown
In this yawning tunnel where the queer has lost his crown
Silent splendor takes you
Just before the break of day
To a door that wakes you
Into the errors of your way

Eating grapes of madness from an ageing satyr’s hand
Running with elation only dead men understand
In the loosened echoes of a spirit once so strong
You can hear the vineyards where the poets weaved their songs
Silent splendor warns you
For it knows your tongue is fake
And your loved one scorns you
For the forests and the lakes

Drifting with the strangers on a one way cobblestone street
Under broken streetlights falling straight to the demon’s pit
Will you save your lover from the jaws and claws of sin
Just before you answer you are sure that she’ll give in
Silent splendor calls you
Though it knows that it’s too late
For your spirit’s wasteland
To reverse the dead man’s fate

Where the dawn stood naked me and horror used to meet
There was something sacred in the way I faced defeat
As I bid my body to the fragrance of his night
And I crucified it on the spinning web of life
Silent splendor shakes you
Just before it calls your name
Quiet force will break you
And release you from your pain

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