Patricia (Gypsy Caravan Rollin')

Patricia (Gypsy Caravan Rollin')

I met her in autumn
Though I’ve seen her before
In one kind of life or another
I believe she’s my twin
Though we don’t know it by now
And she still judges a book by its cover
So please have a look
As I’m standing before you
And I’m begging of you for an audition
In dreams I’ve heard voices
Of many-a-gal
But they all whispered one name – Patricia

I fell for her quickly
Till winter grew on
Then I thought that she might not be willing
But one look in those eyes
Those reflections of sky
With the diamond-stars shining bright and no ceilings
So don’t turn away
As I’m trying to know you
I believe in my heart’s intuition
And it tells me since autumn, keeps telling me now
There’s just one gal for you – Patricia

Like a stoned Gypsy wanderer
I follow her roads
And I follow some light that I hope guides me
And the gods of the old times
At the gates of Babylon
Tell me, son of ours, follow her, cause now you’re blinded
So don’t lay your head
Where the killings are done
On your soul winged from the start of your wishes
Just walk out of this and leave all that’s his
Come here where’s your place – Patricia

And the caravan stood still
As the bard he did play
On his strings for the same unchanging goddess
Thru ages of stars and thru faces so different
Just one and only spirit wanders
And it crosses those borders
So many-a-time
And it howls in the wind, ruins cities
Like a blossoming thunder, and tombstones not plundered
And stories of old do repeat – Patricia

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