"Relics" (more dada folk archives, August 8 2017)

I just recently discovered a "lost" recording called "Simple Song (I Love You)". It was sitting dusted on the old PC among some forgotten drum machine tracks and Parisian poems. How it got there I've no idea, but I dusted it off a bit and incorporated it into a new dada folk compilation called "Relics". I've got some bigger plans for dada folk in 2018 - maybe even an underground movie? Who knows...

Dada Folk - the album (2017)


a 2017 summary of the project. there is also a mystery dada folk project coming in 2018...

Navel of the Universe

Navel of the Universe

God had awaken in the flower of stars
Smooth surface of our rustling cars
Orphans of the evening stroking sphinx in the sun
Fleecy slow hours devour all the guns
Nickel lacking people within iron baths
Obscured creator hides within his paths

Religion of love is superannuated
Moonlight shimmers with the stars all pure
Strange giant eyes peek down from a hole
Orion's belt is your magic lilac cure

Space liquidizer contains all the fruit
Frivolous gods drink the liquid of fools
Iron rivers hit the smooth steel shore
Meek still trees gliding and glimmering
Globes of the universe - eternal game fields

The Pyramids & Lion on a seashore land
Million years ago covered with the sand
Where once the land was soft and green - now it is gone
As our world keeps turning in the rays of our sun
Within countless stars in our universe
And in other universes stars shine as well
Unicorns and fairies may not be children stories
Look up to the skies and see ether flower worried

Elliptical ways with the embers of creation
Daffodils in the bud of all known powers
Embrace the stone within soft heavy hours

more dada folk archives (June 10 2017)

A set of raw private demos. Recorded March-April 2013. These are the complete, original recordings, with no effects added, as opposed to http://dadafolk.blogspot.com/2017/02/00920-years-acoustic-sessions.html.

more dada folk archives (May 18 2017)

more from the dada folk archives


You can find all my albums @ http://ajkaufmann.bandcamp.com. More audio notebooks will be added later on, even if Dada Folk is now a finished project. There are still some unheard demos in the archives though. I hope you enjoy free music on this blog, and will buy an album or two @ bandcamp.

016///You Can't Tame the Sky (2015)

This was the sixteenth, and final, ///dada folk release, 16.04.2015. Here it is now for everybody to enjoy.

1. Baltic Bards 03:02
2. Bygone Days 03:20
3. Cityside 02:14
4. Melody 02:28
5. Ornament 02:54
6. Tame the Night 03:19
7. Easy Kid 02:26
8. Jack of Diamonds 03:35
9. Living On 02:56
10. Preserved in All Decline 02:58
11. Restless 03:58
12. Thank You Jesus 02:48

mp3 @ 320kbps

015///Have Nothing, Will Travel (2015)

This was the fifteenth ///dada folk release, 28.03.2015. Here it is now for everybody to enjoy.

1. Lady Neverwere 03:25
2. I'm Losing You 02:19
3. Live Fast, Die Young 02:51
4. Stoned Gypsy Wanderer 02:24
5. Still Within 02:59
6. Verses for You 06:51
7. The Door Behind the Door 02:42
8. Bridge Song 02:19
9. Under Lanterns Bright 02:46
10. Oh James Dean! 02:26
11. One Man Army 03:53
12. Railroad Lili 04:28
13. Ajar 02:32

mp3 @ 320kbps